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All Points of Interest
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Palheiro do Castelo II - Studio

Quinta Calcaterra - Rural Tourism

Cortelha da Burra

Sortelha Castle

It is of Romanesque and Gothic style with some Manueline additions. It is accessed through the Castle Gate where the royal coat of arms of King Manuel I and the armillary sphere are represented, It is composed of a Keep, with a balcony and machicolation, the Torre do Facho, the Cisterna, and also a false door and the small Porta da Traição.

Casa do Ti Messias

The Soul Swing

An ideal place to appreciate Almeida's beautiful landscapes.

Casa dos Poços

Convento de Belmonte Inn

Casa do Castelo Restaurant

Monastery and Church of Santa Maria de Aguiar

A Cistercian monastery, it is a fine example of early Gothic architecture, with simplistic elements that well characterise the sobriety of the buildings occupied by the Cistercian Order. Although badly damaged by the French invasions, the church with baroque high altar still remains, with the monks' wing, the sacristy and the Chapter hall still preserved, a dining hall wall and the guesthouse building.